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Cowboy Co-op


Reedsburg Farmers Co-op - 224 South Walnut Street

The Cowboy  Reedsburg Farmers co-op management was interested in mural imagery that would appeal to a younger generation of farmers.  Late in the summer of 2016, artist Austen Weymueller created this mural combining elements of contemporary street art with a traditional agricultural image.

Weymueller is a Texas-based artist who works in rural spaces with larger scale processes.  Her first introduction to Reedsburg was as a resident artist with the Wormfarm Institute during the summer of 2015. She returned in 2016 to create To re-Wild a temporary installation in City Park consisting of five 12 foot white concrete cowboys.

The artist donated her work for this mural.  Pat Farber, Reedsburg, donated the paint and equipment needed to complete the project.