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Corn Cob Crosswalk

Corncob Crosswalk

265 Railroad Street

In the fall of 2016, while 2 artists were hard at work backfilling around new sidewalks recently installed in Harvest Park, they exchanged ideas about a crosswalk connecting Harvest Park to the Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce that would reflect the agricultural spirit of Harvest Park and our community. One of those artists was Austen Weymueller. Already Iiving in Reedsburg for the month to complete her To Re-Wild public art project in City Park, she designed and painted this crosswalk just in time for the 2016 Fermentation Fest. This crosswalk was a Reedsburg ArtsLink initiative. Donors included Ann Lawler, Laura Mortimore, Touchdown Tavern and the City of Reedsburg Public Works Department.