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RPD Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

The Reedsburg Police Department will provide a well-trained and professional staff to deliver the highest level of service through the enforcement of laws and the protection of life, property and the constitutional rights of all. We will make a positive impact by meeting the present and future needs of the public through a continued partnership with our community.

Strategic Goals

The following goals are established to support the mission:
  • The Department will seek maximum efficiency in its goal of effectively addressing its basic mission
  • The Department will ensure a focused response for identifiable community problems.  Emphasis will be to solve problems through education, cooperation, and enforcement of the law
  • The Department recognizes that its personnel are the most valuable resource and a conscious effort will be made to fully develop this resource through training and mentoring
  • As a means of ensuring that the Department is administered and operates effectively and efficiently, "state of the art" methods and resources will be deployed.  This strategic goal will rely on compliance with the published accreditation standards of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG)