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AO Hunt
AO Hunt Reedsburg Village President and first Police Justice 1868-1870
Frank Camp 1947.JPG
Officer Frank Camp served as City Marshal, Police Chief and Police Officer from 1918-1947
Bike Safety at South School
Officer Percy Brimmer teaching bike safety at South School
1949 RPD Squad Car 6th Street.JPG
Squad outside of old High School 1949
Officer Virgil LeMoine 1950
Officer Virgil LeMoine 1950
Chief Max Shultis1952.JPG
Police Chief Max Shultis 1952
Krueger's Tavern 233 E. Main St 1953
Angry woman at Krueger's Tavern 1953
Chief David Dobson 1956.JPG
Reedsburg Police Chief David Dobson 1956
City Hall 1960s.JPG
City Hall/Police Dept./Fire Dept. Complex 1960s
Chief David Dobson 1960.JPG
Chief David Dobson 1960
Park St and Main Street 1961.JPG
Blocking traffic at Park St and Main Street 1961
Officer Percy Brimmer 1961.JPG
Officer Percy Brimmer and friends 1961
1961 Police Fleet.JPG
1961 Police Fleet.
RPD 1961.JPG
Reedsburg Police Department 1961
RPD 1963.JPG
Reedsburg Police Department 1963
RPD 1965.JPG
Reedsburg Police Department 1965
Jan 1969 Recovery of Stolen Safe.JPG
Recovery of a Stolen Safe 1969
Officer John Breight 1969.JPG
Parking Enforcement Officer John Breight 1969
Officer Tom Marquart Aug 1970.JPG
Officer Tom Marquart in School Safety Zone 1970
Officer John Brieght 1970.JPG
Officer John Breight 1970
1971 Squad Cars.JPG
1971 RPD Squad Cars and 1958 Motorcycle
RPD 1972
Reedsburg Police Department 1972
Old RPD Badges.JPG
Badge Display at the Milwaukee (WI) Police Academy
Dispatcher Penny Schenck 1973.JPG
Dispatcher Penny Schenck 1973
Off. Robert Hoege, Disp. Neil Braun, Off. Jerry Milsna 1973.JPG
Off. Robert Hoege, Disp. Neil Braun, Off. Jerry Milsna 1973
Officer Tom Marquart.JPG
Officer Tom Marquart 1973
Officers Vern Kaney and David Hoege 1973.JPG
Officers Vern Kaney and David Hoege 1973
PT Dance Hall Special Officer Burt Lasard 1973.JPG
Part Time "Dance Hall" Special Officer Burt Lasard 1973
Bev Dixon 1983
Parking Attendant Bev Dixon 1983
Off Frank & Hoege 1983
Officers Don Frank and David Hoege 1983
Officers Meredyth Thompson & Bernie Jernander 1983
Officers Meredyth Thompson & Bernie Jernander 1983
Officer Tara King 1983
Officer Tara King 1983
Chief David Stiffler 1987.jpg
Chief David Stiffler Swearing In Ceremony May 4, 1987
Sgt Zellmer and Kit 1997.JPG
Sgt Garry Zellmer and K9 Kit 1997
K9 Kit 1997.JPG
K9 Kit - RPD Service1994-2005
Comm.Supervisor Chris Blood 2002.JPG
Comm. Supervisor Chris Blood 2002
Det John Trago 2002.JPG
Det John Trago 2002
Officer Andrew Foesch.JPG
Officer Andrew Foesch 2002
Officer Scott Peterson 2002
Officer Scott Peterson 2002
Sgt Tom Peters 2002.JPG
Sgt Tom Peters 2002
Squad Room 2002.JPG
Squad Room 2002 Officers D. Frank and B. Jernander
Police Station Construction 2002b.JPG
Police Station Site Pre-Construction 2002
Police Station Construction 2002a.JPG
Police Station Construction 2002
Black & White 2007
Black & White Squad Introduced in 2007
NEV 2008
Neighborhood Electric Vehicle - 2008
2008 K9 Search
Off. Foesch & Fritz with 10 pounds of marijuana - 04/2008
Chaplain Ben Seamans.JPG
Police Chaplain Ben Seamans - National Day of Prayer May 1, 2008
Chief Becker Chaplain Seamans 2008.JPG
Chaplain Seamans (L) Chief Becker (R) May 1, 2008
West Main Street - Granite Avenue June 2008
Lakeside Foods Out-Building June 2008 Flood
Andy & Fritz 22 pounds 2008.jpg
Officer Foesch and K9 Fritz with 22 pounds of marijuana 07/2008
Easter Egg Hunt 2009
Easter Egg Hunt Sponsored By RPPA April 2009
May 2009 Accident
Officer PJ Hoekstra investigates a traffic accident 5/09.
Dessa Rain Deer 2009
Officers Rich Wolf & Mark Eberle rescue a fawn that fell into a foundation of a house under construction. July 2009
Easter Egg Hunt 2010
Dispatcher Diane Fry helps the Easter Bunny at the RPPA 25th Anniversary Egg Hunt 4/10.
Easter Egg Hunt 4/2010
Officer Peggy Porter at the RPPA 25th Anniversary Easter Egg Hunt 4/10.
4/24/10 P2D2 Prescription Drug Collection
4/24/10 Officer Rich Wolf Participates in the P2D2 Prescription Drug Collection
Eberle Botten 9.2010
Officers Botten (l) & Eberle (r) render aid at a mutli-agency training 9/2010.
TJ Anderson - Jail and Bail
TJ Anderson, Plant Manager NUK USA, is arrested for "Jail and Bail" charity event.
2012 Ford Police Interceptor
2012 Ford Police Interceptor
Sgt. Andy Foesch & K9 Fritz
2.5 pounds of marijuana found in a package at the US Post Office.
2014 Little Ms. Reedsburg (Ava Wolf) & Chief Becker
Officer Josh Hoege & Canine Xena 2014
Department Photo 2014
Officer Peterson & Fans 11/2015
Chief Tim Becker 2015
Police Chief Timothy Becker 2015
Sesq. Badge- 2018
2018 - 150th Anniversary
Chief Cummings 2019.jpg
Police Chief Patrick Cummings - 2019
Department Squads - 2019
Dunkin_Line-up 2021.png
Dunkin Donut Grand Opening - 2021
Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Shoulder Patch- 2021
Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Shoulder Patches- October 2021 (Left to Right) Officers Andrew Meeker, Kim Bleske, Jacob Williams, Andrew Reithmeyer
Sgt Hoege & K9 Xena- 2022.jpg
Sgt Josh Hoege & K9 Xena - 2022
Madison College Career Fair - 2022 (Left to Right) Detective Sgt Jesse Spears & Admin Sgt Andy Foesch
Dispatch Upgrade - 2022.jpg
Dispatch Upgrade Project - 2022 (Left to Right) Dispatchers Lynette Richardson & Jon Peters
Officer Chris Gallagher & K9 Remi - 2022

Historical Photos

Here are a few photographs from the history of the Reedsburg Police Department. Anyone with photos to add to this site are encouraged to contact Chief Patrick Cummings at (608) 524 2376.