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This defibrillator saves lives.

Defibrillator Response Program

The Reedsburg Police Department has equipped each regular patrol car with a defibrillator to increase the community's survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest.

According to the American Heart Association, almost one million people die of cardiovascular disease each year. Coronary Heart Disease, which causes cardiac arrest, is the single largest killer of Americans. About every 29 seconds an American suffers a “coronary event”. Every minute a person dies as a result.

Each and every second counts during a cardiac arrest. Early 911 calls to get the ambulance responding, and early CPR to keep the patient viable, are critical for patient survival. But even with early 911 and early CPR, every minute a cardiac arrest patient waits for a defibrillator reduces the chance of survival by 10%. Every 6 seconds reduces the chance of survival by 1%. Being able to defibrillate a patient minutes before an ambulance arrives can increase the patient’s chance of survival.

All Reedsburg police officers are trained through the American Heart Association in the use of the defibrillator.