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Police Department
Motorola scanning digital radio

Technology within R.P.D.

Building Facilities:
The Reedsburg Police Department operates out of a newer building (completed 2003).  The facility was designed to support police operations for 25 years.

Reedsburg Police Officers are assigned their own PC at a personal work station.  This provides each officer with their own space to complete reports, maintain files, etc. High-speed internet access allows officers to find and retrieve information relevant to investigations and training.

RPD has its own 24-hour dispatch center providing instantaneous access to Wisconsin's TIME system.

Personal Equipment:
Each officer is initially issued all equipment necessary to perform their job, including uniform, duty belt, firearm, Motorola digital scanning radio, electronic control device (Taser), and digital camera.

Patrol Equipment:
The department uses black & white Ford Explorer patrol SUV's for their size and performance. Each patrol squad is equipped with a DVD recording system with wireless microphone, bi-directional radar unit, officer-protection cage with roll-bar and window bars, tire-deflation spike kit, first-aid kit, defibrillator, and Motorola scanning radio. Squads are also equipped with Panasonic Toughbook Mobile Data Browser. The department also participates in the Wisconsin DOT Badger TraCs System.

Investigative Equipment:
Officers have access to digital audio recorders for recording interviews. RPD has a dedicated Forensic Interview room for the recording of child interviews.