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Service Opportunities

There are many opportunities for RPD officers to serve their community.

Newly-hired officers begin as Patrol Officers. Patrol Officers are the backbone of the Reedsburg Police Department, responding to 911 calls, enforcing traffic laws, and investigating criminal activities. Patrol Officers are the face of the police department and have the most interaction with the public.

Special Assignments

Reedsburg Police Officers are able to apply for and serve on the Sauk County Emergency Response Team (SWAT), Crisis Intervention/Negotiation Team, and Drug Task Force.

Detective Bureau
R.P.D. detectives investigate cases that require more follow-up or travel than Patrol Officers can perform.

School Resource Officers
The two School Resource Officers are primarily assigned to the School District of Reedsburg and conduct DARE classes as well as other community functions.

K-9 Officer
The K-9 Officer performs general patrol work in addition to working with the Drug Detection canine.

RPD officers may become instructors of various disciplines such as DAAT, Firearms, EVOC, Vehicle Contacts, Patrol Response to Active Shooters, Low-Light Survival, Physical Conflict Resolution, or WLESB Academy subjects.

The position of Sergeant is a promotional opportunity. Three Sergeants supervise the patrol shifts besides performing patrol duties. One Sergeant supervises the Detective Bureau. One Sergeant handles administrative duties.

The Lieutenant supervises the five Sergeants. The position of Lieutenant is a promotional opportunity for Sergeants.

Chief of Police
The Chief is responsible for the management of the entire police department.