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Field Training Program

Newly-hired Officers are given on-the-job training during a 14-week Field Training Program.  During this time experienced officers work alongside the new officer, demonstrating how to apply Academy training in real-life situations.

FTO Qualifications:
These experienced officers ("Field Training Officer" or FTO) have completed 40-hours of advanced training in how to guide probationary officers through learning their new job.  Each of the FTOs was recommended for the position based on their proven ability to handle all variety of police service calls and their ability to guide new officers.

The Reedsburg Police Department is very proud of the Field Training Officers:

  • Sgt. Andrew Foesch (FTO Coordinator)
  • Detective Sgt. Jesse Spears
  • Officer Timothy Knuth
  • Officer Marty Pugh
  • Officer Joshua Benson
  • Officer Will Botten