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Mayors Office

The Mayor of Reedsburg is elected every two years in even number years at the Spring General Election. The Mayor serves as the chief executive of the city, chairs meetings
of the City Council, City Plan Commission and Finance Committee. The Mayor makes appointments to boards, commissions and committees with the consent of the City Council.
From the beginning, Mayor Estes’s mission has been to make Reedsburg the most livable city in the state -- a goal that continues to transform the city government’s culture, drive its strategic direction, and build Reedsburg’s reputation as a welcoming center for business, culture, education and outdoor recreation. 
                                     Mayor and City Council Initiatives
  •  Lower City Debt and Property Taxes
  •  Sustainable Economic Development
  •  City Hall Improvements
  •  Fireworks - Freedom Fest Sustainable Funds
  •  Legislative Program 2018 
  •  Future Mayor Program


Mayor Dave G. Estes


Cell Phone: 608-415-0434

If you wish to reach Mayor Estes, you may leave a message on his cell phone.

He will be available for scheduled appointments on Thursdays.