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A tornado on the ground, Texas

Severe Weather Warning Sirens

Severe Weather Sirens:
Severe weather warning sirens are located throughout the city. They are tested on the first Wednesday of each month at noon. 

These sirens are intended to be heard only outdoors. When it looks like bad weather, you should only rely on TV, the internet, commercial radio or a weather radio to warn you of severe weather approaching.

The weather sirens are activated FOR TORNADO WARNINGS ONLY. They emit a steady tone for three minutes. When you hear the weather sirens, you should take cover immediately.  Click here for suggestions on where to seek shelter. 

If you cannot identify a siren and are concerned about severe weather, DO NOT CALL THE POLICE.  Turn on your TV or radio for severe weather information.

There is no ‘All Clear’ siren. Monitor radio or TV to learn when it is safe to resume normal activities. If you hear the severe weather siren a second time, remain sheltered; it means a second warning is being issued.