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Fire Department History

In the 1860’s, the towns-people of Reedsburg used buckets and water from wells and reservoirs to fight their fires.

In 1869, the village board appointed a three-man committee to purchase hooks, tackling and six ladders for the Hook and Ladder Company.  Two fire wardens were appointed – M. Young and J.M. Lusk.

The village board purchased fire equipment in 1873 establishing the first Fire Department in the City of Reedsburg.  The apparatus consisted of a truck, four six-gallon extinguishers with 12 chemical charges, four ladders reaching a total of 68 feet in length, ten fire buckets, two axes, two pike poles, one hook and chain, five lanterns and 65 feet of drag rope.

In June of 1877, a Rescue Fire Engine Company was organized and the result of a fire on the north side of Main Street between Walnut and Market.  At the time, the fire company purchased two trumpets, a hand engine for $250.00 and the lot on the corner of Park and Vine Streets, also for $250.00.  The fire company practiced once a week and they were each paid 35¢ per practice.

In 1893, four wells were dug in the City to provide sources of water.  Reedsburg was equipped with two trucks, one to carry hoses and the other to carry the tools and ladders.  The City team drew one truck and delivery team was hired for the other.  In that year the City had 43 hydrants.

By 1924 the company had purchased a 500 gallon Luverne Triple Combination Truck and apparatus complete with two chemical tanks for $5,000.

The Reedsburg Rural Company was organized in 1926.


Craig Douglas
Fire Chief








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