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History of Reedsburg

Just west, across the Baraboo River from downtown Reedsburg, James Babb registered his claim in 1848. He cultivated some of the prairie, used the timber to build a log house and thus became the first white man to become a permanent resident in this area. Having established himself here, he left his meager possessions in the care of the Winnebago (Ho-Chunk) Indians who resided in this area, and returned to Ohio to bring other members of his family here.

David C. Reed, hearing of deposits of iron and copper in the area, soon followed. He built a saw and grist mill on the river and five shanties made of wood to house the laborers. Their shanties became known as Shanty Row and stood approximately where Main Street is today. Mr. Reed has been credited for starting the village, thus the name of Reedsburgh (Reedsburg) was give to the settlement.

Reedsburg is full of interesting historical facts. Two of the "Black Sox" teammates played at our ball field the season after they were barred from professional baseball.One summer during World War II, a  prisoner of war camp was located in what is now Webb Park.  Reedsburg  is the location of the first Ford dealership in the state of Wisconsin and had the first sanctioned Little League in Wisconsin.

During the 1960 Wisconsin Primary, a little known senator from Massachusetts, John Kennedy came to Main Street to campaign for the presidency of the United States.During the Berlin crisis, Reedsburg was featured in Life Magazine. They reported the events, trials and tribulations from a small community as their local national guard members were sent to Fort Lewis,Washington.


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Reedsburg Historical Facts and Information


The Mackeys

Video by the the Historical Preservation Commission.

90th Meridian

Reedsburg is located directly on the 90th meridian, which means that clocks here are exactly in sync with the sun overhead.




John F. Kennedy campaigns in Reedsburg

During the 1960 Wisconsin Primary, a little known senator from Massachusetts came to Main Street to campaign for the presidency of the United States.

Black Squirrels

Anyone who has lived in Reedsburg for any length of time, or has visited its many parks, can’t help but notice the preponderance of black squirrels scurrying around.

POW Camp

Webb Park was the site of a German prisoners of war camp during World War Two. They were located here to help with the canning of peas in the region.





Sawlog War

This adventure laid the foundation for the friendly rivalry which has existed between the cities of Reedsburg and Baraboo.