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Herbert Webb
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Grants/Funding Assistance/Benevolence

The City of Reedsburg participates in programs to help our community, whether it involves local business, parks or community groups!



Webb Funding is available for projects related to the well-being of the City. The Webb Fund has assisted in parks, public buildings and playgrounds.

Herbert Webb endowed the city of Reedsburg with a trust fund of $300,000. (over $4 million today) The proceeds from the fund were to be used for public purposes. The first project was the creation of a park on the city’s northeast side. Webb returned to Reedsburg in 1951 in time for the dedication of Webb Park the following year. He died three years later in January of 1954. His will left the bulk of his remaining fortune to the city for the purpose of building a new high school.

The Webb Fund has paid for over $1.3 million in projects in Reedsburg in just the last 30 years of the funds 70+ years of existence. Average annual net income that can be spent amounts to about $30,000.

 Applications are accepted and evaluated by the Common Council for various public projects. Click here for an application.



Carrig Community Fund:

Don and Barbara Carrig, longtime residents of Reedsburg, have launched a new non-profit foundation, The Carrig Community Fund, Inc. for the benefit of Reedsburg’s children.

The new foundation’s mission is to financially support other existing foundation’s missions with the initial focus being on the Boys and Girl’s Club of West Central WI, the First Tee program at the Reedsburg Country Club and the Reedsburg Education Foundation, Inc. with scholarship funds for Reedsburg Area High School graduates with an emphasis on secondary technical education.

The Carrigs have a long history of contributing to projects that benefit Reedsburg Area youth. Their contributions include the following: donation of land to build the Reedsburg Area School District Office; donation of funds towards wellness at Reedsburg Area Medical Center; donation of the initial funds to get the Boys & Girls Club Center on Vine Street up and running and a more recent donation to complete the furnishings in the newly built Teen Center; an ongoing system of donations of the First Tee Program at the Reedsburg County Club; and many scholarships received over the years by Reedsburg Area High School graduates.

The Carrigs’ initial contributions to The Carrig Community Foundation, Inc. will be $1 million, with the intent that the earnings on those funds will be used for the above-named beneficiary entities for years to come. The Carrig Community Foundation, Inc. will be accepting donations from all members of the community in the near future. For the first five-years of the Fund, the Carrigs will donate all administrative costs. Every dollar donated is used for benevolence. 

To apply for grant consideration, please click here.

For further information, please email: 


Local Business Incubator Fund:

The City of Reedsburg values the entrepreneurial spirit and through the Community Development Authority, provides funding for approved start-up businesses. Click here for the application for Business Incubator Funding. If you have questions, please contact Brian Duvalle at: 



Veteran Owned Small Business 

Are you a veteran? Please click here for Veteran Owned business assistance!


Utility Bill Assistance 

Please click here for resources to assist with utility bills!