Air Quality:

Code Enforcement (Property Maintenance)

Contact Brian Duvalle, Building Inspector / Weed Commissioner:    


Phone: 608-768-3354 
Cell:  608-415-0855
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Examples of common code enforcement issues are:

  • Dilapidated structures.
  • Accumulation of junk, litter, or debris
  • Overgrown grass, & noxious weeds
  • Inoperable/Unlicensed vehicles parked on the front, side and rear yards
  • Maintenance of property as to cause a public nuisance

How can I help?

  • Keep your property and structures well maintained, clean, and free of trash, debris, weeds, overgrown vegetation, junk, and other code violations. 
  • Park your operable vehicles in designated/established parking areas.
  • Non-operational, unlicensed vehicles are not allowed to be stored outside.  Store them in your garage or within a commercial storage yard.
  • Remove your trash and recycle containers from streets and alleys as soon as possible after your pickup. 
  • Trim and maintain vegetation in your alley.