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Building Safety: Permits and Inspections

The Building Inspection Department issues building permits within the City of Reedsburg for all types of building construction. Construction may not begin until the Building Permit or a Early Start Permit has been issued and is properly posted. If a Early Start Permit has been issued, construction may not proceed beyond construction of the footings and foundation until the Building Permit has been issued. You will be responsible for correcting any work completed under the Early Start Permit that may be identified as noncomplying during the plan review.

Plan Submittal Requirements for new 1- and 2- family houses
To obtain a building permit, the following information must be submitted to the Building Inspector. PDF submittal is preferred:

  • Completed and signed building permit application. Hard or soft copies are accepted.
  • Completed ResCheck Worksheet
  • A completed set of drawings that include:
    1. Site Plan
    2. Foundation Plan
    3. Floor Plans
    4. Elevation Drawings
    5. Wall Bracing


Online building application portal

You will need to create a one time log in. 

Click here for permit application 


For the permit system, make sure there is both an ‘Applicant’ and ‘Property owner’ entered in.

There is also a ‘sign off’ that you need to do at the end.


Applicants for new 1- and 2-family houses are required to apply Here as well as the City of Reedsburg's online portal.


Issuance of Building Permit

PDF or online submittal is preferred 

BUILDINGS or ADDITIONS – Applications for any new building or addition (including sheds, garages, etc) require an attached building plan/sketch/photo and site plan

FENCES – Applications for any fence require an attached site plan

DECKS – Applications for any deck require an attached deck plan and site plan

SIGNS – Applications require a plan/drawing of sign and location

MAINTENANCE – Applications required for replacement siding, roofs, windows

ALTERATIONS – Applications may be required for structural, wall, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC alterations

RIGHT-OF-WAY (ROW) – Applications required for utility work done in the public ROW, either per job or annually

EXTRATERRITORIAL (ET) – Applications for new buildings and additions in the ET Area; zoning standards only




How to contact Brian Duvalle, Building Inspector:    

Phone: 608-768-3354
Cell:  608-415-0855
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM


Reedsburg Utility Commission

New developments may require Reedsburg Utility application and fees. Contact Reedsburg Utility Commission for more information, 608-768-1000.