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Social Media Comment Policy

We encourage public interaction and communication about the content we post on our social media accounts. However, these pages are not monitored with any reliable frequency. Stakeholders will not be able to effectively respond or assist with comments on these pages. For that reason, the City will turn off all comments on posts beginning April 12, 2022. If you have a comment on an informational post that we make, please contact elected or appointed officials at their email addresses, which are provided here: Mayor & Common Council, City Management.


Occasionally we may forget or not restrict all comments quickly enough, understand that we do not discriminate against views or opinions posted to our social networking accounts, we reserve the right to remove or not approve any comment. A comment will not be edited or modified to remove unacceptable content; the entire comment will simply be deleted. Some of the reasons we may remove or not approve a comment are listed below:


    • Abusive, vulgar, obscene, racist, threatening, or harassing comments.


    • Libel, slander, or personal attacks of any kind, including the use of offensive terms that target specific individuals or groups.


    • Spam, including content that promotes products or services or contains gratuitous links.


    • Makes unsupported accusations.


    • Comments that suggest or encourage illegal, dangerous, or destructive activity.


    • Duplicate posts.


    • Clearly off topic.


  • Political campaigning or lobbying.